Bienvenidos!  Welcome to Bocas Brewery, Panama's newest and most exciting brewery, producer of real artisanal beer.  We are sure you will enjoy drinking our beers because we sure enjoy brewing them.  Making beer requires drinking beer. As part of our Quality Control procedures we need to sample a statistically significant number of batches. What a great business to be in...salud!

Check out the rest of the website and do not forget the Investors link.  Bocas Brewery has more demand than we can presently satisfy.  We have customers waiting for us to increase production so they can buy our beer.  In order to raise more capital to fund expansion, Bocas Brewery is selling shares of stock. 

The Initial Public Offering (IPO) price is just $4.00 per share!  The brewery plans to sell both kegs and bottles to various locations, first in Bocas and later throughout Panama,  We invite to join our team in becoming part of this exciting venture.

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